Pintu Belajar

How You Can Help

"We work on ourselves in order to help others, but also we help others in order to work on ourselves"

~ Pema Chodron ~

Participate in someone's future today. Let us not forget that in a place not too far away from us, what little could mean so much. There are many doors to a bright future and Pintu Belajar strongly believes, that one of them is the Door of Education. Help us today and play a part in our nation's future and our children's - For they are our hopes.


- Give Time and Help Us!

We can always use an extra pair of helping hands! Thank you once again for wanting to join in our fight for a brighter future in the name of our hopeful children. Pintu Belajar hosts many activities, from various events to area surveys.

The first step that you will need to take into joining us will be to become a member of the Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia if you are 45 years old and above or to become a member of Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia Executive if you are below 45 years old. This is done with the intention of ensuring your own comfort and safety.

To learn more about BFI/BFI-Executive, please go here: Buddhist Fellowship of Indonesia Website

And whenever you are ready, please fill in the form of membership and we will contact you by email or phone!

Download BFI Application Form

Other issues, concerns and questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us at +6221 - 29382715! We look forward to hear from you!

- Change Children's Life and Support Our Sponsorship Programs!

How to Donate?

Donation can be in the form of cash and will be gratefully received by our representatives at:

  • Cash Donation
    Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia
    Jl. Kelapa Hibrida Raya Blok QG 10 No. 8
    Jakarta Utara, Kelapa Gading
    Phone. +62 21 29382715

Donation through bank transfer can be sent to:

  • Bank Transfer
    BCA KCP Central Plaza
    No.Rek. 4413053199 a.n Buddhist Fellowship Indonesia

Pintu Belajar understands the need for scrutiny as to the allocation of the funds. We have a clear, structured process which determines the eligility of the candidate to receive sponsorship, and a careful countercheck for every transaction. This is to ensure the protection of our donors' fund as well as to ensure that the sponsorship is received by those who truly need them.